We produce films for Product Launches, Company Conferences, Training Videos, Promotional Films, Music Videos and many other uses.

Film and video are the most effective ways to get your message across. People are much more inclined to watch and listen, rather than read.


YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. Can you afford not to be there? We can produce a bespoke YouTube channel for you, and fill it with fab films!

Click here for a more comprehensive portfolio of our work.


A corporate film is one of the most important website componants. It provides your customers with an easy to understand "shop window" to your products and services. Of course, given that this will be the first impression your customers will have of your company, the film must look fantstic!


We produced this film for local award winning company, United Cast Bar.


High quality, informative films embedded in your website can also help with your search engine ranking. Click here for an interesting article on this.


Why not let us produce a video testimonial for your website? 

Peer to peer recommendations are an extremely powerful way to gain the trust of potential customers.

We produced this one for Peak Implants; one of the countries leading implant dentistry clinics.

Video News Release

A VNR is a great and cost effective way to cascade information through an organisation really quickly.


We produced this one for Palmer and Harvey.


Our animator, Gary, is a gold-plated pixel wrangler. He can pretty much animate anything, from simple logo stings, to high definition cinematic CGI. If you need animation, don't walk, run to us! 

Music Video

If you're in a band and looking forward the perfect accompaniment to your song, a music video is the way to go! We specialise in contemporary music videos and can cover your gig if you're playing live.

Conference Openers

A really killer opening film is a great way to start the show and get people sitting up and paying attention. We produced this one for Scientific Lab Supplies to open one of their conferences and trade shows.


TMV produce highly flexible, modular vehicles, with the astonishing capability to have 6 wheel steer and 6 wheel drive. The vehicles also have an innovative V shaped hull which is designed to deflect explosive blasts and protect the occupants of the vehicle. We have produced two films for them to use on trade stands and their website.