Backchat Productions 2019


Nic Ferguson-Lee:

Creative Director

Rob Knowles:

Executive Producer

Andrea Sarcinelli:

Camera Operator

Gary Mellor:

CGI and Animation

George Pritchard:

Producer / Director

Julia Hardecka:

Sound Supervisor

After studying Film at the University of the Arts in London, Nic worked in live television for the BBC and has directed and edited for broadcasters around the world. Award winning filmmaker Nic, with films shown at the BFI, is now bringing his skills to the corporate world, to help businesses tell their stories in the most compelling way.

Rob formed Backchat back in 1994 with the express intention of producing high quality videos at a reasonable cost. Rob still oversees the productions and ensures the quality of the finished films is as high as they've been since he started Backchat. He's now stepping back from the camera as it's doing his back in.

After setting sail for Britain from Rome and studying film with Nic, Andrea has proven himself as a top notch camera operator and cinematographerm working in film, television and corporate videos. With Andrea on your project you know you’re going to get that pristine cinematic look, as he leaves no stone unturned.

Gary has produced design for print, corporate video and music films. He is quite simply one of the best Pixel Wranglers in the business creating 

animations and motion graphics for corporate, independent and educational projects. An award winner too with Outstanding Visual Effects in Science Fiction/Fantasy at LA Webfest 2014.

George is a firm believer in honest, robust yet understated hard work. With his nose to the grindstone in a plethora of projects, George has consistently proven his skill and expertise in preparing for any outcome, ensuring anything that George is working on will go far beyond the expectations of everyone involved. 

Julia works in high end TV and films, attaching microphones to actors and performers that most dream of being so close to. She has a special talent of making every voice clearer than speaking face to face. A real talent amongst us all, we're so happy here at Backchat that she can help us make you be heard.